How it works?

Immortalize your Pet in a handmade art by following the steps below!

1. type of painting

First of all, decide how you will want your pet eternalized: Watercolor Portrait, Christmas Ball, Wood Ornament, Star Ornament, Recycled Pendant/Magnet or All-Star.*

Custom pet portrait


Pet Christmas Ornament

Christmas Ornament

Pet custom christmas ornament

Wood Ornament

Custom pet art


Custom pet art

Recycled Magnet and Ornament

dog christmas ornament

Star Ornament

* check the availability of each one

2. Pictures

Choose a clear photo so that I can see every detail of your pet -

preferably taken in natural light. Follow the tips below to choose the best photo. Also tell me something special about your pet!


Taken at the height of the animal, close to her, and in natural light.

IMG_4206 (3).JPG
IMG_4202 (2).JPG

Taken above height

of the animal.

Taken very close, cutting part of

the animal.

IMG_1328 (2).JPG

Taken at the height of the animal, close to her, and in natural light.

IMG_0004 (3).JPG

Taken at night, far from her= poor clarity, difficult to observe details.


Taken at the height of the animal, close to her, and in natural light.


Taken below the height of the animal, far away, blurred and cutting part of her.

OBS. for animals that have passed away, many won´t have clear enough photos...

Don't worry, send us the photo and we will discuss the possibility of doing it anyway!


You can add a name, flowers, grass, halo or something special in the painting for an extra fee - as in the examples below. Be sure to notify about the desire for extra elements when ordering.

A3 com Flores
A5 com Nome
A2 +Auréola

Addition of Flowers

Halo Addition

Name Addition

Trio + Grama A3.jpg

Grass Addition

4. Payment

Payment is made by bank transfer, bank slip or card (only through the website). Normally 50% is paid on the order and 50% on completion (before shipping).

If you live abroad and prefer to use PayPal or another app, its fee will be added.

4. Deadline

and shipping


The terms vary depending on the waiting list, and can reach 6 months. Before ordering, confirm the current deadline. The paintings are sent through Brazilian Post Office or DHL - as you wish.

Now it's easy to eternalize your pet!

custom pet portrait

Now you can frame it

& share with your friends this unique homage to your furry baby!

* If possible, share a photo like this on the left (or the final result in your house) on our Facebook, next to an review of your experience with MAT.