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In 2017 I made a watercolor of my first dog, right after her passing, as a way to keep her close and overcome the pain of her absence. Months later, with the desire to help strays, I created MAT, doing custom pet portraits and donating a percentage to needy animals. MAT is the initial of my first 3 dogs: Marrom, Amy and Theo.

Besides pets, my other big inspiration is wildlife. I love to go outside to seek inspiration in nature. Many of my paintings of animals from Brazil are made from references that I photograph. For me, there's nothing like being able to live and portray these experiences in nature. That's why I created the project "100 encounters in watercolor", in which I intend to make 100 paintings from my photographs (follow along on Instagram ).


Despite having started as a self-taught artist, today I participate in courses with renowned artists that I admire, always looking to evolve my technique and learn from their experiences.

I've participated in national and international exhibitions, having paintings in 10 countries. In 2020 I was invited to participate in my first international exhibition “Artists for Painted Dogs”, donating 50% of sales to wildlife conservation. Since then, I dedicate myself more to original artworks, seeking to participate in new exhibitions and help with conservation (check out other exhibitions below).


I hope I can colour your space with the love

of your pet and the diversity of wildlife!

I'm lívia 


Events, exhibitions and contributions to Animal Cause will be shared on this page.
Be sure to follow more closely at our instagram
In addition to the % destined for needy animals, I always look for other ways to help animals. Whether donating paintings for auctions, raffles and bingo or participating in exhibitions in which part of the amount reverted to needy animals or wildlife conservation projects.

2022 African Wild Dogs United 2.jpg

Selected to exhibit at the "African Wild Dogs United Conference", February, 2022; reverting 50% to the conservation of African Painted Dogs. 

2022 Fabrianoinacquarello.PNG

Selected to participate in the Fabriano in Acquarello exhibition, in Italy, in May 2022.

2021 IWM22 TOP 200 MERIT AWARD.jpg

Semifinalist in the "International Watercolor Masters 2022" exhibition and Top 200 Merit Award received, 2021.

2021 AFPD.jpg

2nd Exhibition " Artists for African Painted Dogs and Other Wildlife ", in 2021. Raising £575 alone for wildlife conservation projects in South Africa. And a total of £24,000 along with other artists. Watercolor "Closer" received "Highly Commended" award.

2021 IWSBRAZIL.jpg

Exhibition " The Artist's Process ", an IWS Brazil iniciative with Priscila Mainieri Gallery, São Paulo, 2021.


4th Contemporary Collective EUEARTE 2021. Three selected works.

Painted dog art

Exhibition "Artists for Painted Dogs", in 2020. Raising £425 alone for their conservation. And a total of £40,000 along with other artists.

Elephant watercolor

Watercolor donated to the auction of "Elephant Sanctuary" in Brazil, in 2020. To help with the costs of care and transfer of the elephant Bambi from Ribeirão Preto (SP) Zoo to Mato Grosso in the sanctuary.

Watercolor exhibition

Exhibition "44 Portinari Week in Brodowski", 2019. Featured Award received.

Watercolor dog

Exhibition "Fisrt Hall of Fine Arts Clodomiro Amazonas", in Taubaté (SP), in 2019. Selected Watercolor "Faithful Companion".

Watercolor animals

Event "Cãopanheiro SBT", in Ribeirão Preto (SP), in 2019. Along with my great companion, Theo, rescued in 2017.

Custom pet portrait

Event "Parada Pet", in Ribeirão Preto (SP), in 2018. T-shirts developed for "Animal Life Association" to raise funds.

Vegan watercolor art

Colton and Bucket Watercolor, donated to the "Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary" in Virginia (USA) to raise funds through prints.
Available on their         

Agenda Cãopaixão

Art developed for the planner of the NGO Cãopaixão in Ribeirão Preto, on 2019.

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