hey! i'm lívia

MAT Pet & Art is the union of my love for art and for animals.

The name MAT, comes from Marrom, Amy and Theo, my two angels and my current dog.


Marrom, my first dog, passed in 2017 with 15 years old.

A few days later, I decided to make a drawing of her as a way of keeping her around.

What I did not plan is that this would be the very first of many angels that I would eternalize in art.

Since then, I've started painting other friends' pets. Until I had the idea to sell these paintings and help the

animal cause with part of the income. And that's what I do today!

All the paintings are customized and handmade with a lot of affection to be just like your pet!

 But the admiration and love for animals does not stop there. Here you can also find artworks of wildlife or order one of your favorite animal. Part of the monthly profit is destined needy animals I rescue or NGOs. 

I hope you like it, I'm excited to paint your best friend!


- Livia Gomes


Events, exhibitions and contributions to Animal Cause will be shared on this page.
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In addition to the % destined for needy animals, I always look for other ways to help animals. Whether donating paintings for auctions, raffles and bingo or participating in exhibitions in which part of the amount reverted to needy animals or wildlife conservation projects.

Painted dog art

Exhibition "Artists for Painted Dogs", in 2020. Raising £425 for their conservation through the sale of my artworks.

Watercolor exhibition

Exhibition "44 Portinari Week in Brodowski", 2019. Featured Award received.

Watercolor animals

Event "Cãopanheiro SBT", in Ribeirão Preto (SP), in 2019. Along with my great companion, Theo, rescued in 2017.

Vegan watercolor art

Colton and Bucket Watercolor, donated to the "Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary" in Virginia (USA) to raise funds through prints.


Available on their         

Elephant watercolor

Watercolor donated to the auction of "Elephant Sanctuary" in Brazil, in 2020. To help with the costs of care and transfer of the elephant Bambi from Ribeirão Preto (SP) Zoo to Mato Grosso.

Watercolor dog

Exhibition "Fisrt Hall of Fine Arts Clodomiro Amazonas", in Taubaté (SP), in 2019. Selected Watercolor "Faithful Companion".

Custom pet portrait

Event "Parada Pet", in Ribeirão Preto (SP), in 2018. T-shirts developed for "Animal Life Association" to raise funds.

Agenda Cãopaixão

Art developed for the planner of the NGO Cãopaixão in Ribeirão Preto, on 2019.