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How do I order a painting of my pet?

The page how it works shows step by step and tips on how to choose the best photo of your pet. After that,

you can order here

What are the paintings options?

We make mostly Watercolor paintings. However, other types of paintings may be available at certain times of the year, like Christmas Ball, Wood Ornament, Star Ornament, Recycled Magnet/Ornament and All-Star. Check the availability of each one and follow the news through our instagram

What are the prices?

The prices ​​vary according to the painting type, size and extra elements added. Custom animals watercolours may start around $70 and originals around $15 (but this varies according to the currency quotation).

Is it handmade?

All paintings are handmade from start to finish, with much love and care to look like your best friend.

Do you make animals other than dogs and cats?

Yes! All animals are welcome here, and it will be a pleasure to eternalize a different animal, even if it is not a pet.

Can I see the sketch before painting?

Before starting the watercolor paintings, a photo of the pencil sketch is sent for approval. The painting only starts when you are satisfied with the sketch. Once it´s painted it is more difficult to correct something in the drawing, but some changes are possible.

Can I add more animals and any details in the background?

Yes! You can add other pets, and details such as name, flowers and varied backgrounds for an extra cost. For this you need to select the extra element you want (available here) in the same size of the watercolor you will be ordering.

Can the watercolor portraits be the whole body of the animal or just the face?

We can do it either way for the same price, as long as the photo is clear enough.

In watercolors with more than one pet, can it be separate photos of each one?

Yes! Most of the time we use separate photos. Several montages are made with the photos provided for you to choose the favorite. We just ask for clear photos, preferably taken at a similar height to make sense in the composition.

What is the deadline?

The delivery time varies according to the waiting list, reaching 6 months (excluding shipping time). Confirm the current deadline before ordering.

Does the watercolor painting comes framed?

The paintings are not framed. If you live in Brazil there´s the option of adding frame for an extra cost, but we do not reccommend for international orders.

Is there any art in stock or only custom art?

Yes, we have some paintings ready for delivery. Stay tuned for news or check out the available paintings here

Do you work with prints?

Yes! We have some works available as prints. For those who do not know, they are printed copies of original paintings - a great option for those who want something more affordable. Check the available prints here

How do you help the animal cause?

Supporting the animal cause, encouraging responsible adoption and neutering of animals in need came from the creation of MAT in 2017. We raised around R$18,000 for projects that help animals in need, wildlife conservation, and animals rescued by me. In addition, we donate works to auctions, bingos and raffles in favor of the animal cause.

Do you accept partnerships/ events?
Yes! Just send an email with the proposal to which will be analyzed and answered as soon as possible.

How should I take care of the paintings?

Paintings need special care for durability. Check out what they are for each type of painting here

Do you have any further questions, suggestions or complaints?
Send an email:
or WhatsApp: (16) 99602-1202

If you prefer send your question through the website, clicking here.

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