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Take a look at some testimonials from satisfied customers with their paintings.
They are the proof of all the love and dedication put into each artwork.

custom pet portrait watercolor

Don't think twice, Lívia is amazing !!!
I got in touch with Lívia and from the first moment she was super attentive, I explained to her that I live in Canada and I would like to present a great friend. Lívia helped me to choose the position of the drawing, suggesting how it would look better according to the photo, among other things. Two months of anxiety, but I can say it was worth it !! Seeing my best friend with tears in her eyes when she got the gift was incredible. Thank you for your affection, dedication and continue also transmitting your love for animals through art.

- Renata V.

Livia, what a gift! They arrived! The idea was to keep it until Christmas, but it looks like it would last. Soon I gave Butcher to my husband, I already started crying and he without understanding anything opened and the tears started to fall. You have no idea how good it was to see Butcher, smiling as he eventually did. He was a grumpy old man but special to us. So, thank you very much and a thousand times for the care in your work, in the process until the arrival. I will still give Sookie to my mom but I'm sure it will be as exciting as it was today. Very good to have them like this, close to us again. ❤️


- Mariana C.

custom pet portrait
custom pet portrait

My little boy! He only brought us love in his almost two years with us. He was requested by the heavenly father and sent us a little human brother, who today, we look forward to and we know that he became the most beautiful angel!
And @matpetart's work managed to convey exactly what he was to us!
Thanks for everything! 🙏🏼💕 For the care and love! Thor will remain forever in our life and in our home. Your job is not just drawing! It is to transform love into art. 😘


- Mariana R.

It was a million times more perfect than I imagined! Artists with this talent have to be known. For a long time I wanted to make those digital portrait of the girls, but when I got to know her work, I saw that she really has a gift and inspiration beyond of a simple portrait. Congratulations on your work. The final result was incredible, thank you for your kindness from the beginning of the service to the end.

- Janaina N.

custom pet portrait
custom watercolor dog

Dear Livia, I cried so hard when I opened this gift. The love in their eyes reaching out to me across time is priceless. There are no words adequate to express my love and gratitude for your kindness, your talent, and this soulful watercolor of my angel furbabies.
- Robin

THANK YOU!!!! You have a gift and a super sensitivity to eternalize our baby's! We love everything! Especially the baby's paintings that are no longer here with us! It is an AMAZING memory! It looks like you knew them! ❤️

- Marjorie T.

custom pet art
custom pet portrait family

It is perfect .... I'm crying ... I have no words to describe such emotion ... this is what I am, this is what I live for, this is what God put me on the plane for, to serve animals ... gratitude daughter !!!

- Teresa Cristina

Livia what a beautiful tribute !!! I don't even know what to say about how excited I am ... I thank you immensely for the affection with this painting that is so her, so my Kuklinha, this sweet look, these crooked paws and the kissable tongue.


- Christiane L.

custom pet portrait
custom pet portrait

Beautiful, wonderful work, impossible not to be touched by the richness of every detail. Lívia, congratulations on your beautiful work. May God bless you and may you continue to bring the joy of eternalizing our pets forever


- Vanessa M.

There's no way not to get emotional! My son, my hero ❤️ could not be immortalized by other hands. Woman and artist I admire so much! Lívia, I won't get tired of thanking you for so much affection, care, patience, professionalism. Every detail, every bit of it. It is as if I am looking at him, such perfection that he is. I'm sure he loved it up there too. Thank you very, very much! May God bless you and always bless your art and your activism. ♥ ️


- Karoline C.

watercolor pet portrait
watercolor pet

Ahhh Liviaa !! How beautiful 😍😍😍 I loved it so much !! Thank you so much for all your dedication to every detail, you have a wonderful gift and your love is clear in every painting! 🥰🥰🥰 It was wonderful to follow the whole process !!


- Aline B.

Today I received my order, when I opened it, I was so moved, the impression I had was that I was looking at my dog that I lost in February. Your work is perfect, wonderful service, everything with much affection, attention and a lot of respect. I loved the work, I will recommend it to many people.
Thank you very much for the great work, I wish you much success. Hugs"

- Patrícia 

watercolor pet portrait
pet watercolor portrait


Jake’s portrait just arrived and I have not stopped crying happy tears. Your work is so incredibly beautiful and you captured him perfectly. My heart is smiling so big right now. This is by far my most favorite portrait of Jake ever done and I will treasure it forever my sweet friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will take it to the framers this week. Thank you! Thank you! Lots of love and big hugs. 


- Elizabeth 

Thank you for portraying him so perfectly! You have no idea what this work of art represents

I swear I didn't think it would be so beautiful! Thank you so so much for portraying him so well. It will stay forever in my house! I loved!

- Marcella R.

custom pet portrait
dog art tribute

Incredible work !! Impressive talent. Livia is talented, approachable and attentive. She portrayed my little angel perfectly, she managed to capture even the sweet look he had! I highly recommend it. Thank you


- Fernanda V.

Fantastic!!! Simply fantastic!!! It's already turned into my phone wallpaper and will go to the wall now !! This and Vedder's !!! Congratulations!!! Eternally grateful !!! Spectacular work !!

- Bernardo

watercolor dog
custom dog art

I'm still in a state of shock, everyone here is jaw-dropping. The world is little for you.

- Bianca L.

I don’t even know what to say, I’m passionate about your work, and I can already imagine this painting inside a painting here in the room 😍 just this afternoon I’ll take the last painting and the inktober that were left to make the frames… I’m already waiting anxious 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 thank you very much.

- João Roberto

custom dog art
custom pet portrait

Our love! I have a very happy heart! Today is my birthday. And with this picture you gave me the biggest gift I could ever get. I don't even know what to say. I'm very emotional. It is perfect! I am very grateful from the heart.

- Rosana

Livia painted my two girls and my “nephew” and they were amazing! Livia is sweet and her work is wonderful! I'm already ordering my parents' puppies, who were delighted and want it too! Livia, you are a sweetie! We wish every success in the world ...


- Mateus and Leticia

watercolor pet art
watercolor pet

An impeccable job, which is capable of bringing real emotion to our hearts (and eyes too, lol). I had the incredible experience of having two of my dogs translated into an art by Livia and it was wonderful, from the service to the thrill of seeing the art on the wall.


- Lais Paiz

I had never seen such a beautiful work ... so perfect! she's wonderful. I am grateful to have found this artist who left me a beautiful memory of my pets that will stay with me for life. Super recommend her !!!!

- Enediane O.

custom dog art
custom dog ornament

There is not a person who has not fallen in love with Livia's work !!!
I will always eternalize my pets with her! There is no way not to recommend. A perfect artist ♥ ️

- Marina Z.

bunny watercolor
pet watercolor

My baby 🐰❤️ It is beautiful, better than I imagined. You made a miracle with the photo all blurry (because Ms. Lola doesn't stop 😅). Everyone I showed, loved it !!! Thanks again, Lívia, for your attention and affection 😘😘😘 Your work is wonderful 😭👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

- Laura M.

“Woooow Livia !! What a talent!! Absurd. I'm shocked, I loved it !! Barao is already dead and it was like reliving his arrival.

- Cassia

I was looking for someone to draw our little one for a year. Several attempts in vain. Until I found this page 😊😊. It was excellent, exactly as we wanted.

- Luiz P.

dog watercolor
custom pet watercolor

Lívia, I found out about your job for a beautiful gift I got from a dear friend and I was delighted❣️You are very talented, thank you again, my gift is already a success ❤️❤️❤️

- Ane G.

Livia ... the artwork has just arrived ... After 9 months this was the great joy. Everyone who came here are delighted with our Messi ... that you made.


- Renata F.

dog art
custom pet ornament

Pretty pretty pretty! Super delicate and detailed work! Everyone loved it 👏🏻

- Caroline L.

You are an enlightened human being!!!! It is wonderful !!! We really are goose-pimply here at home. ”

- Monica C.

custom pet portrait
custom dog art

I simply love the result, it is wonderful. I am thrilled to see, my pearl is gone this year, so it is very special and important to me. Thank you so much for the beautiful work !!! ❤

- Franscisca A.

Thank you so much for painting my sweet Mogli! 🐾 The portrait is so incredibly beautiful and I can't tell you how happy I am! You're such an amazing and talented artist! 🎨❤️ Sending love and hugs to you, dear Livia! 🤗

- Ilona C.
dog art
dog tribute

Your job is so well done and it brings so much love that I’m addicting! Thank you so much for creating this beautiful memory for me 😘


- Jennefer M.

My Mel's portrait was magnificent ... Lívia is a super artist .... I recommend her with her eyes closed ...

- Livia G.

watercolor pet
custom pet art

Livia, thank you so much for this wonderful job !!! It is beautiful and it is exciting to see our two little ones reflected in this work with such perfection !! We love it so much! You are awesome!!


- Fabiane R.

I am delighted with your work, you caught the expression of the happy and attentive look she always had. Gratitude is the word that defines me in this moment of pure emotion.


- Cristina L.

pet portrait
pet portrait in watercolor

What a wonderful job, my best friend will now have his prominent place in my living room, as he had in my life. I loved!

- Jose Augusto

Your work is amazing. I loved it so much, I work looking at this little star. It warms the heart, since my Sammy is no longer physically with us. Thank you very much ❤️

- Lucas A.

golden retriever watercolor
custom cat art

Wonderful work done with a lot of love. Congratulations!!! The family thanks you for this beautiful memory made with a lot of "CARINHO".❤️❤️

- Marli R.

I loved it so much, Livia! It is so perfect 😍 Thank you so much for eternizing my little princess in a painting ❤️❤️

- Giovana G.

custom dog art
custom pet art

Wow Lívia, what a surprise 😌 we thank you ... we were very touched by your words 🐶 Congratulations again for your talent 👏👏👏


- Maria M.

How beautiful my Mirra! You can capture the expression of the animals, that the images seem alive.

- Cláudia F.

cat art
dog portrait

It´s soooo perfect, congratulations, me and ziggy are grateful and love it. 🥰🥰


- Luana A.

The little star that has all my love ✨🙏🏻 Thanks for the sensitivity, your work is amazing 💛


- Vanessa F.

custom pet portrait
custom pet portrait

Perfect, I appreciate the attention and excellent service, my 4-legged daughters eternalized 🐶


- Lúcia P.

I love every inch of it. Your work is absolutely beautiful. I am very satisfied with the final result.

Thank you for your beautiful talent.

You are a gift !!!!!!


- Priscila P.

custom pet portrait
cat watercolor

Lívia you are very talented and painted my kittens perfectly! My husband and I were very excited about the result, since we lost one of the kittens recently. Thank you so much for your attention! Highly recommend! 

- Natália 

I loved the work !! 😍😍😍 Made with love and affection! You can feel ... My girls are eternalized ... awesome!! Super recommend !! !!

- Kátia 

custom dog christmas ornament
custom pet portrait

My wall will be beautiful with this love for my children thanks to you

Lucky me to find your work to eternalize them !! I am very happy with the result! You can really feel the love you put in the paintings, thank you very much.


- Jacqueline 

Fantastic and talented work! I've never seen anything like that! I'm delighted! I just happened to meet in the square and I'm already the biggest fan! "
- Ana Paula 

spitz watercolor
shihtzu art

Oh my God!!! I can not thank you enough for your affection and dedication !!! I loved every detail! I'm your fan! Thank you!!! May God bless all your projects !!!

- Elizangela 

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