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Original watercolor.

Size 28x38 cm


The cheetah is known as the fastest land animal on the planet, reaching 115km/h. Despite that, it is considered the least dangerous big feline.

Today there are only around 7000 cheetahs in the wild, and that number continues to fall due to conflict with humans, loss of habitat and prey, poaching and illegal trafficking.


The watercolor depicts a serene cheetah, with a deep gaze that leads us to reflect on the impact of our actions on the environment. The cool shadows in shades of blue-purple bring vivacity and hope to painting.


Decorate a special space or gift someone with the grace of this watercolor.


* watercolors are not delivered framed and we do not recommend it for international orders

* read about delivery methods and care with paintings at the bottom of the site

* the paintings are sent by post office with the proper protection to avoid damage

* international payment can be made through PayPal with fees added

* contact us to get a shipping quote


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