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Original watercolor.

Size 40x50 cm


Although the cheetah is known as the least dangerous feline, in this watercolor I portrayed its wild nature.

The focus of the watercolor is on the face, with well-detailed eyes, while the rest is taken up by the transparency and lightness of watercolor.


The watercolor "Feral" was selected for the semi-final of the important exhibition International Watercolor Masters (England), receiving a medal of merit.


Decorate a special space or gift someone with an unique watercolor of this admirable feline from Africa.


* watercolors are not delivered framed and we do not recommend it for international orders

* read about delivery methods and care with paintings at the bottom of the site

* the paintings are sent by post office with the proper protection to avoid damage

* international payment can be made through PayPal with fees added

* contact us to get a shipping quote

Feral (Cheetah)

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