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Original watercolor.

Size 65x 50 cm


A few days after having the chance to see a maned wolf in the wild, and having witnessed large forest fires, the inspiration for this watercolor arose. Warm and orange tones in the background refer to fire, while the movement of the wolf demonstrates its escape from the habitat destroyed by the fires...

This watercolor reminds us the need to protect our planet and respect the animals.


Decorate a special space or gift someone with the symbol of the Cerrado and the largest canid in South America.


* artworks are not delivered framed and we do not recommend it for international orders

* read about delivery methods and care with paintings at the bottom of the site

* the paintings are sent by post office with the proper protection to avoid damage

* international payment can be made through PayPal with fees added

* contact us to get a shipping quote and delivery forecast

Maned Wolf

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